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Pet Boarding


For our canine guests, there are two options. Fisrt, we have our inside/outside kennels. These kennels are 38" X 15'. There is a door in the middle that can be closed for inclement weather. The outsdie area is chain-link on the top and sides to give the "open air" feel. These kennels are equipped with fans and a misting system for the summer, and heater for the winter.
The second option is in the feline kennels.


Our feline kennels are cubes that are 24" x 24" x 28". The walls are solid which allows total privacy from their boarding neighbor. The room is climate controlled with central heat and air conditioning.

All of our boarding facilities are climate controlled. Every pet is monitored, and all boarding areas are cleaned first thing every morning. We feed all of our boarding patients Hill's Science Diet adult maintenence food. If your pet's diet is something other than Hill's, we encourage you to bring that food for your pet.

We will happily administer any medications, supplements, or vitamins as requested while your pet is boarding with us.

ALL boarders must be current on their vaccinations. Required for canines are Rabies and DHLPPC (parvo/distemper). Felines must have Rabies and PCRN (distemper). If your pet is not current, we will be happy to vaccinate them during their stay. Additionally, if fleas or ticks are found on your pet, we will treat them accordingly.

Check-in and check-outs are any time during normal business hours. We do not allow check-ins or check-outs on Saturday or Sunday. We do ask that if all possible, please check-in at least thirty minutes before closing time in order for our Kennel Technicians to give food and water and get your pet settled in.

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